Industrial maintenance & cleaning



During the production process your systems are bound to become dirty from dust, paint residue, condensate, calcium deposit, cuttings, lubricants etc. This dirt can not only seriously compromise your system and result in high costs of repair and down time, it can also lead to your products being rejected. All of this is to be avoided at all costs.


MAC Industrial essentially aims to offer you, the customer, high-quality maintenance of your systems, thus keeping to a minimum the risk of expensive and unexpected repairs, maintenance work and rejection of your products. The life of the system will increase, preventing you, the customer, from needing to make major investments. What's more, you enhance the image of your business. After all, your systems are clean and kept in a good state of repair. Many companies ultimately opt to outsource the entire maintenance package to a specialised firm . a single firm that performs top-notch maintenance on all of the company's systems!


A single firm that performs top-notch maintenance on all of the company's systems!


This offers three major benefits:

  • structure in the maintenance – in short, a maintenance schedule, agreed-upon dates and prices, a fixed and previously set budget!
  • a single point of contact, an official of the external firm specifically designated for your company!
  • this way, you can focus 100% on your core business


Why choose MAC Industrial as a partner?

  • many years of experience in the area of industrial maintenance
  • custom solutions to all your maintenance problems that take into account quality, safety and the environment
  • effective organization, reporting and administration
  • service-oriented: 24/7
  • advantageous prices for PBMs, filters, cleansing agents etc ...
  • VCA*-certified - own work risk analysis
  • both an internal and external safety official
  • professional compiling of tender specifications for your systems